About us

What Is This Survey?

With the Dreamers or Winners project, we aim to help founders and startup owners to evaluate their business' current state and guide them towards the right next step for their company.

How? You may ask. While working with, mentoring and starting a bunch of our own startup, we watched many founders struggle to determine the steps and tasks they need to do to transform their idea into a successful digital product. Having a hard time finding where to start, not being familiar with the practical development and management methods, missing to validate the idea at the right time or hitting the ceiling and battling how to pivot are just a few of the most common struggles.

Our observations, on the one hand, helped us detect the most common pitfalls and weak points in executing a digital product. On the other hand, we were able to identify what are the critical factors of a viable business. Based on our findings we created the Dreamers and Winners survey which can evaluate the present stage of the startup and also gives them advice on which steps should come next.

The Theory Behind The Project: Right Things Done Well

Here at Digital Natives, we helped numerous startups in the last ten years to create user validated, successful products. We launched successful products as well as failed ones. But that's where we learned the most valuable lessons. We gathered all these insights together to synthesize a market-proven method of creating digital startups. We believe that following the right methodology and doing the right thing well can help you reduce your chances of failure, and enable you to be more conscious when building your business. Knowing what to do, why you should do it and how to execute is invaluable knowledge.

With this survey, we will guide you through this methodology while also assess the status of your venture.

By Completing This Survey You Will:

  • be able to size up the state of your business
  • get a detailed evaluation of your situation
  • get guidance on your right next step
  • get a content pack including templates, lists and exclusive content to help you reach the next stage

At the end of the day, we hope to help aspiring and experienced startupper and business owner to reach their goals and be successful.