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8 Great Business Ideas to Start Your Own Side Business

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When your job turns into a matter of routine, it becomes very easy to let yourself stagnate. Because you’re working for someone else, your motivation drains quickly and you simply go through the motions without really trying. This lack of progress can be very dangerous as it can cause dissatisfaction, stress, and even occupational burnout. What is even worse, these problems can easily spill over into your personal life and become a major cause for concern.

If you want to avoid this, it is of paramount importance to constantly develop yourself and keep pushing forward. By challenging yourself, you get the opportunity to grow. And what greater challenge is there than starting a side business of your own? Not only can you discover newfound motivation and vigor, but you also get the chance to supplement your income.

In order to help you do this, this article will provide a list of 8 super business ideas you can attempt with relative ease. Most importantly, you can try your hand at them without needing to quit your full-time job. You can initially use this as a source of extra cash and if it really takes off – you will have the amazing opportunity to switch over completely and become your own boss. And because it is best to go with something you enjoy doing, you’ll never find yourself lacking enthusiasm.

In this article, we purposefully focused on skills, that can be the base of a business. This way you can choose an idea based on your talent.

Are You Good at Motivating People?

The modern way of living comes with a lot of challenges and people sometimes need a little push to find the energy to forge ahead. If you have the talent to motivate people and drive them to action, you can turn this gift into a business. In addition, you will get the satisfaction of helping people realize their potential.

(Online) Coaching

There are only two requirements if you want to be a life coach or a mentor. First, you have to have success in a certain field of interest. You also have to be able to prove this to your potential clients. And secondly, you need to be a good motivator.

This job gives you the opportunity to work with people in person or to hold your sessions online. And since individual appointments are not particularly long, you should be able to organize them around your full-time job. But the biggest advantage is that you get to rely on your past experiences and successes and use those to help others. The downside is that you will see more and more competition in this field because it is growing in popularity.

A good way to start is to look into coaching associations, such as the International Coach Federation or the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. Receiving their accreditation can help you launch your business by separating you from the competition.

Do You Have a Way with Written Words?

People who know how to express themselves in writing have always had a decent number of business opportunities at their disposal. And while not everyone can write the next big novel, there are other ways to put your writing skills to use. What is more, there are no formal requirements in this field. Even though a language degree can certainly be an asset, the only thing that really matters is knowing how to grab the readers’ attention.


Not counting the most rudimentary computer equipment, the only thing you really need to start a potentially successful blog is to decide on a topic. Ideally, this will be a field you both like and know a lot about. For example, food and travel blogs are always popular so they are a good choice for any foodies out there or for people who are frequently on the road. If you happen to be both, you can combine them and give your blog a bit of a twist.

Of course, the most popular topics also attract the largest competition, so there is a lot of merit in finding a niche subject. Perhaps you could write about board games or start a fashion blog that specializes in one particular clothing item.

Now, when it comes to side businesses which do not interfere with your regular job, blogging is at the very top of that list. You can write at your own pace and find a publishing schedule that works for you. Although, it is best to post new content at regular intervals so your readers would know what to expect. Still, you have a lot of freedom and can organize your day the way it suits you.

And if you manage to attract a sizable readership, you open yourself up to various revenue streams. Advertising space, affiliate marketing, or even product reviews are all viable options to make money from your blog.


When it comes to the requirements and advantages, ghostwriting shares some similarities with blogging. The main difference, of course, is that you are writing on someone else’s behalf. As a ghostwriter, you need to be able to adapt your writing style to the particular needs of each client. It is also imperative that you possess good research skills as you usually cannot choose your topic. From blog posts to user manuals and everything in between, you have to be prepared for whatever comes your way.

The one disadvantage of this line of work is the lack of recognition. A blogger writes their name after each text, a ghostwriter does not. Still, ghostwriting offers a stable and more traditional source of income, so it balances out.

If you want to give this profession a try, your best bet is to contact a content writing company. You can start with a workload that doesn’t get in the way of your other duties and work your way up from there.

Are You a Shutterbug?

Photography has always been a popular hobby. And nowadays, when most phones have decent cameras, it is more widespread than ever. Still, not everyone has an eye for intricacies such as lighting or composition. Therefore, if you’ve noticed that people are always praising your photos, you might be able to do more with them than just post them on your social media accounts. This is particularly true if you’ve attended some photography seminars, although it is not a must.

Freelance Event Photographer

Whenever a special occasion comes around, people want plenty of photos as mementos. While wedding photography may be the first thing to come to mind, there are plenty of other options. Birthdays, christenings, and receptions are just some of them and the list is rather extensive. This means there are plenty of great business opportunities for a freelance event photographer to book a job.

Now, you should know that the tools you need to develop digital photos are rather expensive. You probably won’t buy them while you’re just starting out so you need a good deal with a photo studio. But if you manage it, event photography can be rather lucrative.

Precisely because of that, you will face stiff competition from professional photographers. Another downside is that a good camera is not inexpensive so there is an initial investment involved if you don’t already have an appropriate one.

Finally, these events always take place outside regular working hours. Guests wouldn’t be able to attend otherwise. On the one hand, this means photography won’t get in the way of your primary job. But on the other hand, you need to be prepared to lose some weekends to it. Still, even if you only do it occasionally, it can be a great source of extra income.

Do You Have an Apartment to Rent?

Whether you’ve inherited or purchased it, a dwelling you’re not using for yourself can be a steady source of income. Rent it out and you get to collect your money every month basically without needing to lift a finger. If you’re thinking long-term, it is even worthwhile to buy a piece of property specifically for this purpose. Once you’ve furnished it, your work is pretty much done and with enough time, the place will pay for itself through rent.

Airbnb Host

If traditional renting is not for you, you can give the short-term variant a try by becoming an Airbnb host. The usual benefits of renting still apply. The lodging will generate the income and you just need to play a supporting role. Of course, you do need to keep up with the house cleaning and things like lawn care (if the place comes with a yard), but you are still almost completely free to dedicate yourself to any other work you may be doing.

The upside of going with Airbnb is that it can make the initial period much easier. Simply by registering, you gain a lot of exposure. What is more, you’re opening yourself up to the international market.

The downside is that your earning potential depends heavily on your location. If the lodging is in a tourist hotspot, you’re in luck and can expect great returns. If not, the space could remain empty for extended periods of time and leave you without any income.

Finally, you also need to be aware that your country may have special laws regulating this activity. This could mean additional taxes for you to pay or the obligation to acquire a particular permit.

Are You a Fitness Lover?

Nowadays, people care more about their physique than ever before. From individuals with very strict workout regimens to those who just want to lose some weight, there is a reason you can find a gym around almost every corner. And if you happen to be in great shape, have up-to-date knowledge of fitness and possess a level of charisma, you can turn this trend into lots of money.

Personal Trainer

When they hire a personal trainer, people aren’t just looking for someone to show them which exercises to do. They also need you to motivate them and stop them from quitting. That is why you need the right skills, in addition to fitness expertise, if you want to find success in this line of work. But if you have that combination, it can be very rewarding – both financially and on a personal level. Knowing you’ve helped someone feel better about themselves is a wonderful sensation.

To start, it is best to get certified as a personal trainer. It may not be a requirement, depending on where you live, but it always helps draw in clients. Then, you need to put together a plan of where you intend to hold your sessions. If you aim to use your local gym, talk to the management about the terms. If it means they’ll get more members, they’ll be happy to offer you certain privileges.

Or, you can do the training outdoors. This means you need to buy fitness equipment you can easily transport in your car, such as dumbbells, yoga mats, exercise balls, etc.

The only real drawback is that you will need to adapt to your clients’ schedules. You can specify you’re only available after you finish with your full-time job, but after that, it’s down to the client. This might entail trips to the gym even when you’re tired or in low spirits. But if you manage to establish a good reputation, this can easily become your primary occupation.

Do You Speak More than One Language?

Modern technology has brought many good things to the society as a whole. One of them is that the world has become a much more interconnected place. As such, people from different corners of the world will routinely need to communicate with each other. And this is what makes individuals who speak multiple languages sought-after. If you’ve gained this knowledge through your education or life experience, then you are in a good spot to start a side business.

Remote Translator

When it comes to home-based businesses, translating can be among the more lucrative ones if you speak the right combination of languages. You get to work from the comfort of your home and decide on the exact hours. This makes it easy to combine with your other obligations.

The downside is that your earning potential completely depends on which languages you know. Popular ones will come with a lot of competition, while there may not be much demand for the more exotic offerings.

Putting this business idea into motion is also relatively simple as you do not need any starting capital. Simply subscribe to your local employment websites and keep an eye out. Or, you can look at global sites such as FlexJobs, but these may not represent your area equally well. There are also many translator communities you can and should join.

Are You Camera-Friendly and with Opinions to Share?

Back in the day, if you wanted to be on camera, you had to go on television. But nowadays, websites like YouTube have made it so that anyone’s opinion can not only be heard but also seen.


If you think writing doesn’t allow you to express yourself to the fullest, then starting a vlog might be the ticket. If you have the right mindset, then all you need is a decent camera and an appealing topic. Once you have that, YouTube can take care of the rest and give you the opportunity to reach millions.

You can record your vlogs whenever you feel like it so there are no problems with your day job. And you can record whatever you like: opinion pieces, reviews, tutorials, and anything else you find interesting. And if enough people share that sentiment, money will start rolling in.

Of course, the problem is standing out from the crowd. YouTube users upload jaw-dropping amounts of content each day and it is not easy to get noticed. But with the right content and promotion through social media, you have a shot.

Final Thoughts

Starting your own business is a truly unique opportunity. You’ll be able to do something you’re passionate about and run the business the way you want to. And all you really need is a good business plan and a bit of luck.

Now, this does come with its fair share of difficulties. Any losses will come out of your own pocket and you will have greater responsibilities. However, these difficulties easily pale in comparison to the potential upsides. The fact that you get to keep anything you earn and that there are no higher-ups to breathe down your neck is an excellent foundation for a truly fulfilling and enjoyable lifestyle. And with some effort and dedication, this is well within your reach. Hopefully, these eight super business ideas will help you get there.

Now share with us: what side business do you have?